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Exploring the Message of Jesus

The Message of Jesus is captured in the phrase, the Gospel of the Kingdom—an all-encompassing message that informs our view of God, shapes our identity and purpose, and governs our worldview.

It is the single most important “idea” to encounter and it catalyses a vibrant, joyful, lifelong pursuit of seeking, learning, probing and exploring. is a relational network of Jesus-followers exploring the implications of Jesus’ Message in our day. It is not a church or a ministry; it is not an organisation or a membership. There is no sign-up fee or subscription to participate.

You will need an invitation from a current participant to get involved but you can opt out at any time. If you don’t know a participant but want to get involved, drop us a line via the Contact Form and let us know your story.

We have four engagement points—Connect, Learn, Probe and Explore—and a Discuss forum. You may enjoy just one or two areas … or all of them. You’re free to engage as much as you like.

Once registered, connect with other participants, peruse the topics available and participate in the discussions. Enjoy!


Catch up with old friends and make new connections with others pondering the Message of Jesus.


Refresh your understanding of core topics related to the Message of Jesus.


Rethink controversial issues through the perspective shaped by the Message of Jesus.


Engage with the key topics of our day enriched and enlarged by the Message of Jesus.


In addition to the engagement points above, participate in discussions around our LEARN, PROBE and EXPLORE articles.